25.4CC Commercial Handheld Leaf Blower Heavy Duty Gas Powered 2-Stroke Grass Clean Tool Leaf Blower


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Brand Name: TOOL1SHOoo


Power Type: Other

Model: EB-260

Material: Plastic, Rubber

Ignition System: Hand Pull Start, Electronic Ignition

Engine Type: Single Cylinder, Air Cooling, 2-Stroke

Power Source: Gas Powered

Matched Power: 1E34FB

Displacement: 25.4cc



The handheld gas blower adopts a 2-stroke engine with 25.4cc displacement and has 7000rpm high speed and 4.59ft³/h airflow, providing you with a powerful tool to blow&remove snow, dust, sand, leaves, etc. Its ergonomic handle, multiple switches, hand-pull start system, translucent fuel tank, high-quality blast pipe, silencer&carburetor designs, and practical accessories allow you to use this blower with less effort.

Key Features

360° Protective Mesh Housing: The premium plastic 360° anti-suction protective mesh housing not only prevents impurities from being sucked in under normal circumstances but also provides better heat dissipation, thereby better protecting the engine's service life.

High Efficiency: A high-performance 25.4cc 2-stroke engine gives this blower a high speed of 7000rpm and airflow up to 4.59ft³/h, which can work more efficiently on yard work, lawn care, and other projects.

Cordless Blower: The cordless design and gasoline power source give this blower high flexibility and make it more suitable for outdoor use without the need for connecting cables and electricity.

Low Fuel Consumption: The carburetor with atomized fuel function helps the machine maintain normal and economical operation and reduce emissions with fuel consumption of only 1.56 lbs/kW. h.

Convenient and Comfortable: Thick pull rope and high-quality pull plate reduce starting resistance, allowing you to enjoy a smooth starting experience without hurting your hands. External spark plug, fuel tank with rotating opening cover, ergonomic handle with throttle switch and engine stop switch, damper switch, silencer design, lightweight design, complete accessories, and detailed English manual make it easy and comfortable for you to operate this machine.

Lawn Care Assistant: The gas blower simplifies the process of regular maintenance of courtyards and satisfies the higher requirements for lawn care tasks, such as cleaning heavy and damp leaves/debris, making your yard cleaning much easier.

Easy to Clean: Because of the smooth surface, simple structure, and filter design, you can wipe the dirt from this machine with a soft cloth.

Ideal Gift: The modern appearance and excellent performance make this blower an ideal gift to your family and friends, bringing them a practical tool to help them clean their yards.

Protective Package: To prevent the product from being damaged and bumped during transportation, we packed it with air column bags to protect your products to the maximum extent possible.

Buy with Confidence:We have been working hard to provide better service and quality for our customers, which is our goal. If there is any problem with our products, please contact us in time.


Anti-slip Feet:Non-slipfeet make this product stand stably, allow for easy storage when not in use, raise the bottom to avoid moisture, and protect your countertop from scratches.

Detachable Blast Pipe: The detachable blast pipe with a large mouth, lengthened and thickened design and flame-resistant material can provide strong airflow, adapt to different yard works, and allow for convenient cleaning&storage.

Translucent Fuel Tank: The 30.4 oz large capacity fuel tank and 33.8 oz mixing pot is convenient for mixing with gasoline and 2-stroke engine oil at a ratio of 25:1 and ensures long-term use without frequent refueling. And the translucent tank will tell you to refuel timely.

Pre-drilled Holes: You can hang the back straps(not included) through the 2 pre-drilled holes on the two sides of the handle for easy carrying and freeing your hands.

Round Edge:Compared with traditional square corners, an arc design without burrs can better care for your skin.


It is mainly used for snow blowing and snow removal in greenhouses&yards, road maintenance, dust blowing, sanitation cleaning, forest fire extinguishing, greening cleaning, sand removal, blowing leaves, welding slag blowing, waterproof construction, etc.

Instructions for Using the Mixing Pot

1. It is necessary to use two-stroke engine oil, and never use four-stroke engine oil or other engine oil. Otherwise, it may cause cylinder pulling and other problems.

2. Please add gasoline and engine oil separately, and shake the lid of the oil pot on the back cover evenly before use.

3. The mixing ratio is gasoline: engine oil=25:1


Model: EB-260

Color: Red, Black

Style: Modern

Assembly Required: Yes

Form Factor: Handheld      

Material: Plastic, Rubber

Ignition System: Hand Pull Start, Electronic Ignition

Engine Type: Single Cylinder, Air Cooling, 2-Stroke

Power Source: Gas Powered

Matched Power: 1E34FB

Rated Power: 0.75kw/7500rpm

Impeller Speed: 7000rpm

Displacement: 25.4cc

Noise: 90db(A)

Gasoline/Oil Ratio: 25:1

Air Flow Capacity: 0.13m³/4.59ft³/h      

Mixing Pot Capacity: 1L/33.8Oz/0.26Gal

Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.9L/30.4Oz/0.24Gal

Fuel Consumotion Rate: <710g/1.56 lbs/kW.h

Blast Pipe Length: 63.5cm/25inch

Product Size(L*H): 91.5*33.5cm/36.02*13.18inch

Package Size: 38*24*36/15*9.45*14.17inch

Net Weight (Including Duct): 3.46kg/7.62 lbs

Gross Weight: 4.17kg/9.19 lbs

Package Included

1* Handheld Gas Blower

2* Blast Pipes

1* Mixing Pot

1* Funnel

1* English Manual

Other Accessories for Assembly


1. Please use only fresh clean gasoline and use gasoline with an octane rating of 90 or higher. Please mix gasoline with premium 2-stroke engine oil at a gasoline/oil ratio of 25:1.

2. Please do not blow the air outlet towards people. Please take protective measures when using this product, such as wearing gloves and goggles(not included).

3. When the blower is not in use, it is better to pack it in a plastic bag to avoid dust and water entering the machine and affecting its use. If the blower is not used for a long time, the fuel oil in the tank must be cleaned.

4. Please read the operating manual completely before use. And pay particular attention to the safety instructions included.

5. Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before you order.

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